Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sewing Room Re-Do

Anne here, in the middle of renovating my sewing studio. Not so much "renovating" as moving stuff around so it's not in various piles of disarray. I LOVE sewing, I LOVE my customers, and I really enjoy the business aspect of having my own company. BUT, managing my time effectively tends to leave my sewing studio in a huge pile of blerg.

So, this weekend I've taken to task my room. The thing about my sewing studio is that it's actually my dining room. In my dining room is my Granny's china cabinet. Granny passed away September 11, 2009 and it was a very difficult experience. She was my Mom's Mom and definitely, as grandparents go, the one I related to the most. She shared with me her love of shoes, of shopping, of creating. After she passed away my Mom brought me a lot of Granny's arts and craft supplies, which I'm so lucky to have. I have a huge quantity of paintbrushes, all with her name "Vera" written by her hand.
I have a huge quantity of ceramic containers she made, all inscribed on the bottom with her name.
Probably the most wonderful, yet saddening thing I have is the china cabinet. It's beautiful and houses one of the 5 sets of china I inherited from her (she loved glass wear and china). The thing about the china cabinet smells like her house. The house that no longer belongs to our family, but that housed so many wonderful memories for us. Opening the china cabinet and smelling inside brings me comfort, but it makes me long for her, and then I become afraid that if I open and smell inside too much, the smell will go away and I won't have it as a reminder of her.
I'm so lucky to have it though. And to be reminded of her so constantly in a room where I spend a lot of time. Our little business really took off after she passed away, so I wonder what she'd think about The Purple Pecan now? I wish she was here to give her opinion on my product design and fabrics, but I am so blessed to be surrounded by the items she loved and the items she used to create her works of art.