Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Backstage Pass

We've given a glimpse into Anne's studio before, but here are some of her tips and storage uses!

My work table is an old dining room table. The desk, was made by my husband (he's so crafty). I use rubbermaid shelving under the table to store scrap fabric, smaller peices of fabric, and thread. The table holds my cutting area, serger, and sewing machine.

My room has amazing natural light and recently I had my husband hang a birdfeeder outside this window. The ironing board and my embroidery machine sit where I can look out the window while ironing or checking embroidery work.

The entryway to the studio has these alcoves where shelves used to be. The previous owner displayed her HUNDREDS of Precious Moments dolls on the glass shelving....Needless to say, I'm not a Precious Moments collector, so I removed the shelving and hung up tension curtain rods to hang finished clothes.

This is my fabric storage shelf. I bought comic book cardboard backing and wrapped the fabric arond the backing(actually my MOM did it!). It works great because it is acid free and cheap! The baskets hold *some* of my blank shirts and I can write the sizes in the basket on the chalkboard labels purchased on ETSY That's our little peak for the day!